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Developers & Owners
Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs Housing Tax Credit Program is the primary means of directing private capital toward the creation of affordable rental housing. Developers of low-income rental housing use the tax credit to offset a portion of their federal tax liability in exchange for the production of affordable rental housing.  Developers who use a HUB (historically under-utilized business) such as Interior Affairs LLC, are offered an incentive by TDHCA in the form of additional points in the application process.  Interior Affairs LLC is SCTRCA (South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency) certified as an SBE, MBE, WBE, ESBE and AABE.*  Utilizing our company is beneficial to yours in more ways than one.
New Construction
Interior Affairs works closely with developers and owners during the funding, pre and post construction phases of development.  Providing complete FF&E, we work closely with architects renderings to provide an accurate and complete project bid. We will successfully see your project through to completion providing a beautifully decorated space designed with your prospective residents in mind. 
Rehabs and Renovations
As a registered supplier member of NAHRO (National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials), Interior Affairs assists with a wide variety of selections including exterior and interior colors, fixtures, doors, trim, lighting, counter tops, flooring, appliances and more.  Our goal is to help market and sell your property by highlighting amenities thereby increasing occupancy.

Consulting Services
Not sure what to do with your office or clubroom? Want direction on a DIY model update?  Interior Affairs can work with your company as a consultant during the pre-construction, construction and renovation phases, all the way through to completion.  We can assist with exterior paint colors, fixtures, equipment and more, providing an affordable way to meet all of your decorating and design needs.  We are available on an hourly basis or work on retainer.  Call us for rates.

Affordable Housing
We understand budgets and specialize in bond/tax credit, and subsidized housing properties.  We know what it takes to get your property leased up--and we do it affordably.  We work diligently to ensure your community is exactly what your prospects and residents want to call home, all within your budget.  
Senior and Student Living
Let Interior Affairs put it's creativity to work and deliver a visually stimulating space full of comfort and functionality for your senior and student communities.  We can provide fully furnished units at a fraction of the cost by purchasing in bulk from our suppliers.  Call us to discuss the details and pricing and let Interior Affairs affordably transform your space to amazing. 
Corporate Units
Interior Affairs provides everything you need to fully furnish your onsite corporate unit with all the comforts and luxuries of home.  Bedding, towels, kitchenware, flat screen TVs, and of course beautiful decor and accessories throughout.  Say goodbye to costly, long-term rental contracts as you welcome company executives or provide temporary housing for a current resident in style.  Let us show you that less really is more.
South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
Certification Number: 210030366
NAICS-541410: Interior Designer Services
SBE - Small Business Enterprise
MBE - Minority Owned Business Enterprise
ESBE - Emerging Small Business Enterprise
WBE - Women Owned Business Enterprise
AABE - African-American Owned Business Enterprise
HUB - Historically Under-Utilized Business
State of Texas
Historically Under-utilized Business
Certification and Compliance Program
Certificate/VID Number: 1450499150700