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Frequently Asked Questions
Because Interior Affairs offers a unique blend of design and decorating services, we would like to address some of the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question you would like answered, please use the submission form on the Contact Us page.  We will post your question and an answer.
What is Multifamily?
Multifamily refers to several dwellings located within the same vicinity, housing several people. Multifamily living can include apartments, condominiums, high-rise, town homes, duplexes and co-ops. 
Does Interior Affairs decorate for the multifamily industry only?
Interior Affairs specializes in multifamily, but also provides a wide variety of decorating services for homeowners, businesses, realtors and home builders.  
What is included in the consultation?*
After scheduling an appointment, an Interior Affairs representative will meet with you at the site to be decorated.  We will take pictures and measurements of the space and discuss with you in detail, any ideas for colors, styles, furnishings, etc. that you may already have in mind.  Your input coupled with our creative expertise, will come together to provide the Decorating Concept.  The Concept includes a detailed description of how the finished space will look and includes paint selections and pictures of furnishings.  In addition, an all-inclusive proposal will be included, providing the complete cost for the project.  Call for rates.
What if I am not satisfied with the Decorating Concept?
Your satisfaction is our main concern.  If you are unhappy with the original Decorating Concept, Interior Affairs is glad to provide a revision.  Helping you reach your decorating goals is our priority and because we aim to please, we are confident in delivering a design that you are sure to love!
How much does it cost to decorate a room?
Each space is unique in size, features and amenities.  Because we work with all budgets, in order to provide an accurate price quote, please call our office and schedule your Consultation.  An Interior Affairs representative will then make a personal visit and assess your space taking measurements, photos and discussing your needs.  Based on the information gathered, you will receive a complete Decorating Concept and a bid. 
Can I keep my existing model furniture and have Interior Affairs just update the accessories?
Absolutely! Our Suite Package is the perfect solution for bringing new life to outdated spaces.  Starting at $8,995. for a 1/1 unit, we will provide all new bedding, kitchen, bath, living, dining and accessories throughout. The Suite Package is perfect for budget sensitive properties and you will be amazed at the transformation.  
Is there any way to see what the finished space will look like before it is actually done?
For an additional fee, we will provide a Presentation Board which will include paint, fabric and other swatches, window treatments shown to scale, along with pictures of furnishings.

BRAND NEW! Interior Affairs now offers Virtual Proposals!  Take a 3D tour of your proposed space complete with paint colors, furniture selections, flooring options and more.  All Virtual Proposals include a complimentary DVD.  Visit our What's NEW! page for details.

Does Interior Affairs work on a consultation basis only?
Yes we do.  We offer consultations for start-up developments and during the pre-construction phase all the way through to completion.  We offer competitive hourly rates, and are available on retainer. Call us for pricing.
Is there a separate Decorating Fee?
No. Interior Affairs bids are all inclusive.  Unless working on a Consulting basis only, we do not charge by the hour.  Instead, our bids are simply one price and include all labor and materials, furnishings, paint and related costs, window treatments, accessories, tax, delivery and decorating fees.
What if a worker from Interior Affairs gets hurt on my property?
Interior Affairs is fully insured with an A+ rating and multi-million dollar insurance policy for all employees and sub-contractors in the unlikely event of accident or injury.  We also provide waivers releasing clients of any liability while performing work on the premises.  For a nominal fee, we can also add you or your property as an Additional Insured party upon request.
How long does it take to finish a project?
Interior Affairs knows the importance of timeliness.  Since each project is different, time frames for completion will vary.  However, a start and end date will be provided prior to beginning any project, and we will make every effort to finish your project in a timely manner.  In the unlikely event of an unexpected delay, we will contact you immediately and continue to work to complete your project by the due date.
Do I have to worry about seeing my same design elsewhere?
Absolutely not! Interior Affairs prides itself on creating individual and original spaces for each and every client.  We make use of beautiful decor and accessories, unique artwork and creative wall designs.  
The finished project will be a unique reflection of you and your space will not be duplicated.
I love the Design Concept and am ready to move forward.  What do I need to do now?
Leave the rest to us!  Upon acceptance of the Decorating Concept and proposal, Interior Affairs will provide you with a contract.  Once the contract is signed and payment is received, we will begin working on the project.  Before you know it, you will have a newly decorated space that we know you will absolutely love for years to come! 
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* Consultation fees are non-refundable and due at first appointment. Call for pricing.